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The World Doesn't Owe You Sh*t

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June 10, 2022

I would say that the Millenial generation (Gen-Y, 1980–1994) started it all, but I’ve seen it in my generation (Gen-X, 1965–1980). And actually, I believe it dates even further back thousands of years.


We’ve seen it; people get upset and complain that they’re not getting what they want. Recently, we’ve identified these people as Karen and Karl. They feel they should just get whatever it is they want without working or paying for it. They take advantage of others’ generosity and the government; cheating the system. When confronted, they feel like they’re backed into a corner, threatened, the victim. They lash out verbally and oftentimes, physically… then, it’s up on YouTube for the world to watch, comment, laugh at, and share with their friends.

Hard Times Create Strong Men

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times. ~ G. Michael Hopf

Label and reword this quote as you want, but there is truth to it. This can be applied to where we are now in the world with COVID, shipping routes, unemployment, foreclosures, gas prices, or Elon Musk canceling remote work. It can also be applied to an individual’s own world. Depending on how our parents lived, worked, and raised us; we may be in a good time or hard time phase. And, based on how we take control of our lives and how we work and raise our own kids; we may be creating strong or weak people.

Those that were raised in good times have become weak individuals, and thus; Karens and Karls. They were not forced to work hard for what they had and wanted. They were given or inherited many of the amenities of a good life by their parents… think of Dudley in Harry Potter.

In fact, Harry Potter is a great example of the hard times and good times. Harry is living in a world where he is living during hard times and becomes a strong wizard. Whereas Dudley is living during good times and is essentially weak. He bullies everyone around him to get what he wants and when he’s with his friends, bullies Harry until he gets what he deserves and then plays the victim.

The World Doesn’t Owe You Sh*t

Let’s get back on track here… I feel like I should be talking to Karen and Karl.

Listen up, you piece of shit… the world, your government, parents, family, kids, friends, co-workers, bosses, and any business establishment doesn’t owe you a damn thing. No one likes a Karen or a Karl; the people you think are your friends will resent you and talk shit about you when you’re not around. If any of those people don’t resent you or talk shit about you, they’re probably a Karen or a Karl.

The people that you put down and talk shit about for having and doing things you don’t (you know you’re secretly jealous and envious) have worked hard for it. They don’t need you in their lives, and you don’t make their lives any better. If you’re not contributing to their lives or to society in a good and positive way, then you are insignificant and have no meaning to those people.

You want a fit body, a better job, a pay raise, a nice car, a big house, a vacation in Bali, etc.? Get off your lazy ass and work for it unless you have something that is truly out of your control… the remaining things can be changed. Only then should you feel accomplished, satisfied, and entitled. Stop complaining that this person hardly works or works more than you, or that person has more money than you, or that the world is out to get you. That negative thinking and self-talk not only affects how much of a bitch you are but also the people around you. Don’t worry about anyone else, focus on yourself and making your world a better place, impacting someone else’s life in a positive way, and see what benefits you receive from that.

Why the image of people picking vegetables? One thought is that if you’re a Karen or Karl and you’re unemployed, take any work you can; doesn’t matter what it is, nothing is beneath you. The other thought is that you reap what you sow. If you sow shit, you’re gonna get shit. If you sow love, kindness, decency, and hard work; you’re going to sow a lot more than you’re expecting.

Final Words

I could have taken you on the dark side of what I think and believe, but that wouldn’t help me or you. Just like Tony Robbins does to a lot of people that attend his events, I had to give you a little dose of reality… maybe not in the same manner, but still a dose. For those that have a Karen or Karl in your life and hate how they behave, ignore them. One of the things they hate is when they’re ignored; it’s a fear they have as they haven’t learned to be alone or love themselves so they need you around and need you to give them something they ultimately crave; attention.