I'm a husband, father, U.S. Marine, software engineer, real estate professional, writer & educator
Marine Corp Unit

My Story

I was born and raised in New York City; the “Big Apple.” I am the youngest of 3 boys and was probably the most stressful for my mom. I always got picked on by my older brothers and got into trouble with my friends wherever we could find it. As I got older I was fortunate to receive a full 4 year academic scholarship to a boarding school in Massachusetts. After graduating there, I went back home to finish high school. After 2 years of high school, thinking of having a career in theater, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Little did I know how much my life would change. I was trained as an artillery cannoneer, went on deployment, and quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant (E-5) in 3 short years because of my drive to be the very best.

My Career in Tech...

After an honorable discharge, I moved to Orlando, Florida. Going to school full-time and working 2 jobs, I had very little time to study, hang out with friends, or sleep. But, I persisted and eventually learned just enough about computers to work as a Dell Technician. I had finally made it, in my mind, when I was hired as a programmer in South Florida. I had 3 programming classes under my belt and had been working on a few websites when I got hired with no experience and no clue what I was really getting into. Since then, I’ve built systems from the ground up, ran a web design business, worked for some startup companies, and even had a tech startup of my own.

I'm Iron Man
The Veteran Investor

Looking to Sell or Buy?

At breakfast on January 1st, 2015; I was encouraged to get into real estate. Soon after I started learning about real estate. I joined my local REIA and an investment company to learn all that I could from the seasoned investors. In 2017 I founded The Veteran Investor, LLC with the vision to provide rescue missions to homeowners in bad real estate situations from foreclosure and divorce to tax liens and probate.

My life’s mission is to help get our homeless veteran back on their feet, in a house of their own, and working again.

But wait, it doesn't end there...

I found that I wanted to help more people in real estate buy getting licensed as a real estate agent… I still have the same vision as an agent, but now I am able to provide a wider range of solutions. I enjoy educating others from my knowledge and experience in both technology and real estate that I became a co-host for the Tampa Bay Real Estate Investor’s Association (TBREIA). I even wrote a book to help homeowners sell their homes and look to write some more books about real estate.

My Veteran Agent

Listen to the Podcast

I produce a daily podcast where I share what I learn across body, being, balance, and business.

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Sometimes, I Tell Stories...

From time to time I like to put my thoughts down on paper and over time those thoughts become books.

Here are a few books I have written.

Web Design Business Secrets

Web Design Business Secrets

5 Killer FSBO Marketing Tips

Web Design Business Secrets