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Cheat Codes to Success Are Bullshit

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July 15, 2022

Holy mother…(queue the list of swear words that would make Deadpool happy); everyone is talking about cheat codes to life, happiness, and success. There are books, shows, movies, Youtube videos, conferences, and online webinars all talking about how they have the blueprint to your success in real estate, internet marketing, Youtube, and social media influence.

They’re probably full of shit. But maybe, they might actually be telling the truth. Who knows?

You’re Not a Success, You’re Just Rich

There is no such thing as an overnight success, period. If you were to become wealthy literally overnight, you either won the lottery, invested in GameStop hours before the surge and got out in time, or had a super-wealthy uncle pass away and leave you his fortune; none of that would make you successful, you’re just rich.

What Does Success Really Look Like?

As the story goes, the person who is an overnight success has been putting in the work for months or years when no one is around. You have had to overcome all sorts of challenges and probably had to eat Ramen noodles for months until you had enough money to pay all of your bills and buy some real food. You had to work through rejection after rejection and figure out how you’d pay your employees on Friday and all you have is $1500 to your name.

You may not only be working a regular 9–5, you’re making phone calls, setting appointments, creating content, building with your hands, or contacting a friend who builds websites. You’re fulfilling orders, putting hundreds of miles on your beat-up Kia Soul that is costing you more in repairs than you have money coming in, and sometimes sleeping in your car at the office to your regular job so that you’re not late again.

Time Under Tension

After one to two years, things are starting to look great. The side business is now making just as much as the regular job. All of that time invested in building your brand and client base, slowly becoming profitable, and building a tough skin from all of the rejections and irate clients; it’s all paying off. You’re getting more business through referrals and it’s time to quit your 9–5. There is no fear, you’ve been making just as much as your job, but part-time and there’s no shortage of business.

5 years go by in the blink of an eye and you now have a warehouse and office space with 20 employees. The business is now generating $2 million per month and you’re now running a Youtube channel about your business, writing books about hard work and eating Ramen noodles, and speaking at national events about how you built your business from the ground up. People haven’t heard of you or your business, so they’re thinking you’re a scam and an “Overnight Success.”

Why The Image Above?

Richard Branson got started selling magazines and then records… he took risks, and built the Virgin brand; first around music, and mobile service, then the airlines, and now Virgin Galactic. There are books about him and his success.

There are so many other successful people that you have heard of and many that you have not heard of. All of these people, whether you like them or not, have put in their time under tension while building their businesses and growing an empire.

What are you doing to become an “Overnight Success”??